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Grand Football Jackpot in Uganda

Uganda’s Grand Jackpot is here, offering the large weekly cash prize of 100,000,000 UGX! You can win by predicting the 6 match scores of the games provided as well as the Golden Goal. The Golden Goal is the minute in which all 6 matches will score their first goal and it will be used as a tie-breaker in the case that more than 1 entry have guessed the correct scores of the 6 matches. The entry that guesses the all 6 scores and the most accurate Golden Goal, will win the 100,000,000 UGX Football Jackpot. You can submit one entry per round and your prediction must be submitted before the match begins. Entries are Free of Charge

If two or more players have correctly predicted the scores of all six Premier 6 fixtures, the prize will be won by the player whose Golden Goal prediction is closest to the actual time of the first goal. If two or more players have correctly predicted the score of all six Premier 6 fixtures and have predicted the same Golden Goal (or predicted one equally close to the actual time of the first goal), the weekly prize will be split equally amongst those players.

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