1. How to play the VFL provides 24/7/365 real money betting experience on virtual football. The league consists of 16 teams and seasons run continuously. Each season comprises 30 match days (home and away matches). Bets can be placed at any time – even within a season.
  2. Season information
    • One season lasts 141 minutes in total, separated into a ‘Pre League’ period, a ‘Matchday Loop’, and a‘Post league’ period.
    • The ‘Pre League’ period runs prior to the start of a season and lasts 2:30 minutes.
    • All match days are summarized as the ‘Matchday Loop’ period with a total duration of 137:30.
    • At the end of every season there is a 60 second ‘Post Season’ period.
  3. Match day information
    • One match day lasts 4:35 minutes. It is separated into the ‘Pre Match’ period, ‘1st Half’, ‘Halftime’, ‘2nd Half’, ‘Post Match’ period and ‘Post Matchday’ period.
    • The ‘Pre Match’ period runs prior to the start of a match for 60 seconds.
    • The match lasts 1:30 minutes for each half with a halftime break of 10 seconds in-between.
    • Each match is then followed by a 10 second ‘Post Match’ period and finally a 15 second ‘Post Matchday’ period.
  4. Betting on a VFL match is allowed up to 10 seconds before kick-off. Betting markets for future match days of the current season remain open. When a future match day from the ‘Select Matchday’ bar at the bottom is selected, the matches related to that day along with the odds will be displayed in the lower odds section. The following match related betting options are available:
    • 3way (home; draw; away):
    • Handicap (home; draw; away):
    • First goal (home; no goal; away)
    • 1st half 3way (home; draw; away)
    • Total (over; under)
    • Correct score (0:0 to 3:3; others)
  5. Miscellaneous
    • All matches are broadcast as live video streams through an integrated media player in your browser. You can switch freely between the eight available games per match day or alternatively only follow your favourite match. The match simulations are created through a combination of Artificial Intelligence and independent random number generators. Simultaneously, the performance parameters of the VFL players are based on professional football players (e.g. in terms of number of goals, fitness, consecutive match statistics, etc.).